Alaska Author and Photographer, Tom Walker, has photographed wildlife throughout Alaska and the world.

Alaska wildlife and landscapes photography

  • Alaska Bald Eagles
    Bald Eagles can be found throughout Alaska.

  • Alaska Bears
    Alaska's famous bears include brown, grizzly, polar bears and black bears. Tom Walker has been photographing Alaska's bears for over 50 years.

  • China and Japan
    The wildlife of China and Japan, photographed by Alaska's premier nature photographer, Tom Walker.

  • Aurora
    Visitors from around the world come to see Alaska's northern lights, the famous Aurora Borealis, Tom Walker photographs are the next best thing.

  • Alaska Landscapes
    Beautiful photographs of Alaska landscapes from Alaskan wildlife photographer, Tom Walker. Alaska scenic photography.

  • Alaska Birds
    Alaska is on every birder's dream list. See Tom Walker photographs of Alaska's birds until you can make your trip.

  • Alaska Big Game
    You've always dreamed of Alaska's magnificent wild game, see it through the lens of Alaska's wildlife photographer, Tom Walker.

  • Alaska Marine Mammals
    Wildlife photographer, Tom Walker, captures Alaska's marine mammals..

  • Alaska Lynx and Hares

    Canada Lynx, Snowshoe Hares, WInter, Widlife Cycles, Alaska.

  • Alaska and Yukon Moose

  • Arctic Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

  • Alaska Loons

  • Dall Sheep



  • Western Wildlife

    Wildlife of Western United States and Canada

  • Alaska Small Mammals
    Alaska supports a wide array of small mammals.

  • Alaska Wolves
    Alaska is wolf country

Alaska outdoor blogs .

Tom Walker, author of award winning Alaska wildlife and history books.

Denali (McKinley) Park History
Stories of Alaska sourdough pioneers Mt. McKinley, now Denali.

Tom Walker Photography offers North American and international wildlife and landscapes.

Tom Walker, a writer and photographer of Alaska wildlife and Denali pioneer history.

Denali Journal
Denali Park, Alaska natural history, wildlife and people.

Contact information for Alaska photographer and author Tom Walker.

Links of Alaska Interest.

Map site Tom Walker Photography

The Seventymile Kid
Harry Karstens, Denali Park's First Superintendent, climber and dog musher.

Alaska Wildlife
Alaska Wildlife: Through the Seasons.

Map site Tom Walker Photography

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